Data protection & Terms of Use

1. Limitation of liability for internal content
The content of our website has been compiled with meticulous care and to the best of our knowledge. However, we (Schwarzer Cardiotek) cannot assume any liability for the up-to-dateness, completeness or accuracy of any of the pages.
Pursuant to section 7, para. 1 of the TMG (Telemediengesetz Tele Media Act by German law), we as service providers are liable for our own content on these pages in accordance with general laws. However, pursuant to sections 8 to 10 of the TMG, we as service providers are not under obligation to monitor external information provided or stored on our website. Once we have become aware of a specific infringement of the law, we will immediately remove the content in question. Any liability concerning this matter can only be assumed from the point in time at which the infringement becomes known to us.

2. Limitation of liability for external links
Our website contains links to the websites of third parties ("external links"). As the content of these websites is not under our control, we cannot assume any liability for such external content. In all cases, the provider of information of the linked websites is liable for the content and accuracy of the information provided. At the point in time when the links were placed, no infringements of the law were recognisable to us. As soon as an infringement of the law becomes known to us, we will immediately remove the link in question.

3. Copyright
The content and works published on this website are governed by copyright laws. Any duplication, processing, distribution or any form of utilisation beyond the scope of copyright law shall require the prior written consent of the author or authors in question. Unauthorized copying/saving of the information provided on this site is not allowed and will be punished.

4. Data privacy statement

4.1 Collection, processing and use of personal data

Personal data shall mean any information concerning your personal or material circumstances, especially your name, date of birth, e-mail address, phone number, or postal address. We will collect, process and use personal data made available by you to the extent necessary for the creation, execution or termination of a legal obligation or quasi-legal obligation with you.

In all other respects, we will not forward personal data to third parties without your instigation nor will we sell or rent out data. We reserve the right, however, to disclose information about you if we are under a legal obligation to do so or we are required by lawfully acting public or prosecuting authorities to deliver such information.

4.2 Contact, provision of information, revocation, blocking, deletion

You may, at any time and at no charge, revoke any future use of your personal data, request that such data be blocked or deleted in whole or in part, or request that information about your personal data stored by us be provided or such data be corrected. Adherence to a particular form is not required, so simply contact us at the address stated in the legal notice.

4.3 Automatically stored information about visits to our websites / Use of cookies

Our websites use so-called “cookies”. Cookies are small text files which your browser stores on the hard disk of your computer. The cookies used by us do not store personal data, so a personal identification will not be possible.

a) Cookies to improve the functionality of our websites

We use cookies to better understand how our websites are used, on the one hand, and to enhance their attractiveness, content and functionality, on the other. Cookies help us to find out, for instance, whether and which subpages of our website are visited and what content users are interested in. In particular, we collect the number of accesses to a page, the number of viewed subpages, the time spent on our websites, the order in which pages are visited, what search keys have been used to visit us, the country, the region and, where possible, the city where the access is made, what Internet browser with what language setting you are using and the share of mobile terminal stations that access our websites. The IP address of your computer which is transferred for technical reasons is rendered anonymous automatically, so we cannot draw any conclusion as to your identity.

b) How to prevent cookies from being stored on your hard disk and how to delete them:

You can choose a setting of your Internet browser such that the storage of cookies on your hard disk is prevented or you are asked at each visit whether you agree that cookies are placed. Once placed, cookies can be deleted by you at any time. For details please see the user instructions of your browser. See the illustrated explanations for the Internet browsers Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome at:

4.4 Use of web-analysing tools

Our websites use Piwik, an open-source web-analysing tool (, to collect and store data for marketing and optimisation purposes. User profiles can be created from that data under a pseudonym. The data collected by means of Piwik will, unless specifically authorised by the data subject, not be used to identify the visitor to that website personally, nor will it be linked to personal data of the pseudonym’s owner.

4.5 Data security

Technical and organisational measures have been taken to prevent that your data is lost or modified, or accessed by third parties.

4.6 Updating and modification

Parts of the data privacy statement may be modified or updated by us without you being informed thereof in advance. Please see the data privacy statement to learn the latest modifications and updates before you avail yourself of the offered service.

4.7 Right to obtain information

We will, upon request, inform you in writing of whether and what personal data about you is stored by us. In the event of any incorrect information being stored despite our efforts to keep data correct and up to date, we will correct it upon your request. You may, at any time, revoke your consent to store your personal data in the future by sending a brief notification.

4.8 Data protection officer

Appointed data protection officer is

Mr. Steffen Emhardt
Mühlweg 25/3
71711 Murr

You can contact our data protection officer at datenschutz (at) or by phone 07144 – 334 905 0.