Patient Monitoring

Philips IntelliVue X2 Multi Parameter Module
The IntelliVue X2 device can be used - thanks to its flexible design - as stand-alone patient monitor as well as for the integrated recording of all important functions at the hemodynamic measuring station of Schwarzer Cardiotek.

The module communicates the recorded signals, numeric values and alarm messages to the hemodynamic measuring station. The system is operated either via the recording station in the control room or directly via the multi parameters module in the examination room.

The display can be flexibly configured. Furthermore, the monitor can be used as a mobile device running on battery power for up to three hours, guaranteeing a simple and secure monitoring of the patient during the transport before and after an examination in the heart catheter lab.

The module offers the continuous monitoring, the display at the hemodynamic monitors in the control and the examination room as well as the documentation in the heart catheter report of the following parameters
- Heart rate
- Temperature
- Oxygen saturation
- Cardiac output (C.O.) with the right-heart thermo-dilution method
- Respiration - CO2-measurement in the main- or sidestream
- Bedside analysis and related arrhythmia detection of the ECG in several recordings.
Patient Monitoring