The hemodynamic monitoring system for superior requirements, with two monitors and two PCs
Equipped with comprehensive functionalities, evosuperior perfectly meets the needs of the modern cath lab.

Uptime concept
Patient signals are recorded simultaneously on two separate computers to ensure uptime and continous monitoring of vital sign even if one computer fails. With its dual computing concept the system guarantees high reliability and failure safety.
Intuitive operation through functional keyboard
- Single keyboard for the entire workflow – from measuring to reporting
- Button commands allow quick access to relevant curve sections
- Switch between various measuring intervals and change ECG amplitudes and paper speed by pressing a single button

Full Disclosure File
All signals are recorded automatically and can be reviewed and documented fully and retrospectively after an examination.

Measuring positions
In addition to 12 standard measuring points, further measuring points may be configured. The standard measuring algorithms can be assigned as desired to the newly generated points.

Excellent signal quality
The most important parameters of the hemodynamic examination are shown continuously on the monitor and are saved on the hard drive.
The following parameters and respective indexes are calculated:
- body surface area (BSA)
- cardiac output
- vascular resistances
- valve opening Areas
- all shunts

The examination procedure and the hemodynamic results are displayed automatically and chronologically via user-defined report.

The user may edit algorithms and formulas for the calculation of hemodynamic results, such as body surface area and oxygen absorption among others.

(Not cleared for sale in the USA)
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